Making Money by Completing Offers


There are numerous ways to make money online these days.  You can play the stock market, sell items online, or join survey sites like Cashrate to earn some money.  Offers I think are the best way to make money online because most of them are 100% free to work on, if you don’t have a lot of money to purchase stocks or sell items online, then survey sites like Cashcrate are the way to go.

Basically to make money online with sites like Cashcrate is by working on the 100% free offers and surveys.  Cashcrate has a payout limit of $20 per month to cashout, and once you hit your first $20 you can request a paycheck, or better yet Cashcrate sends it out to you for free and you can receive it in about a month’s time!  I realize that this may seem like a long time to wait for a check, but  you can be rest assured that you will receive it.  I have received all of my checks, and I’ve been working with this site since April of 2009 and it’s been great.  I love going to my mailbox and finding money in it instead of bills!

Of course, it takes work to make money.  However, what’s nice about Cashcrate is that the site is 100% free to earn.  I’m not going to advertise sites that require investments to earn because, is that really earning?  Why would you want to give money to someone to make it?  Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that if you choose to.  There are very legit investment sites out there that you can make good money with if that’s the route you want to go through.  However, I chose to make money online for free.  I’m not rich, so I don’t have the money to invest.  However, I would like to be rich someday so that’s why I’m using the Internet to help me become that way!

Now if you decide to do this I would not quite your day job.  Money is important, but just because you make money on the Internet does not mean you should quit work.  What happens if the site you work with decides to take a crapper on you and what then are you going to do?  That’s why no matter what anyone says, I am keeping my jobs and still make money online.  Yes, I have two jobs right now and I plan on leaving at least one soon, but maybe not for another year or so.

Anyways, making money can be a lot of fun on the Internet if you really want it to be.  You can also make money online with sites like Cashcrate just by referring people, and you can do that both online and offline.  A lot of people like to leave business cards and flyers, but me, I just like to advertise online.  After all, it is an online business!

If you are interested in knowing how to make money online by referring people, you can follow my blog as once in awhile I will bring up tips to do so or if you join Cashcrate you can read their forums as they provide free information to their users on how to refer people online.

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2 thoughts on “Making Money by Completing Offers

    • Well basically you just sign up to the site you want to work with and to complete surveys, you just have to answer the questions the survey provides. To try out products, you just have to see what offers they have available and if you see something you like, you can sign up for it. Some are free, some cost money. However, you can just do the free ones and earn as well. If you do the ones that cost money, you earn more.

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