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To make money today with Paid Surveys (get-paid-to) sites like, basically all you need to do is make an account and start completing offers and surveys.  Offers are basically just advertisers letting you try out their product for a commission, and 90% of the offers on Cashcrate are completely free.  Surveys are just advertisers wanting to get your opinion on a product or service of theirs, and when you complete the survey, you get a commission.  There are also sites on the net that are just “survey sites” and you can make money with these too, but if you join a site like Cashcrate you can make actually more money because you have offers to work on as well.  Survey sites limit on how much you can make (eg. just working on surveys) and that could get tedious after awhile.  Although, it is very fun to get paid just to answer questions!  This is what I started doing with Cashcrate when I first joined in 2009, and since then I have migrated to other means of online income, but I always still revert back to Cashcrate because it’s 100% free and does not cost anything to make money with online.

Now if you want to participate in their referral program, then making a website (similar to mine) and advertising it is the way to go.  You would want to first get a domain at (, and then set up a WordPress blog which is installed in their system, and then just start talking positively about the site and put your referral link on it so people can access the site and become your referral.  It’s that simple.  If you pay for advertising, chances are you can receive good referrals but you can also find referrals for free online.  You can even set up a blog for free, however, from reading other people’s experience with free blogs a lot of them get shut down because the hosting server that operates those free blogs do not like sites like Cashcrate and therefore can take your site down without notice at anytime.  That’s why I prefer to pay for my hosting, and then I do both free and paid online advertising to get my referrals.  Then, once you get them, just make them active and you start making money!  It’s that simple.

If you chose not to go that route, that is fine because you can make your first $1 online simply by working on 100% free offers and surveys.  Once you complete your first $1, you can continue on until you hit $20 and then you can request your check.  This site does work folks, I have received every paycheck since I first started three years ago!  It’s been great going to my mailbox and receiving money instead of just bills. 🙂

Here is my stats so far with Cashcrate:

This month is a bit small with referral earnings, however I’m still going to continue making a check with offers and surveys earnings.  As you can see, I made $1,085 with this site and it’s been free for me to do.  You do not have to wait for a check if you don’t want to, Cashcrate now offers payments via Paypal or direct deposit.  However, to get to use those services, you have to get to a certain level within the site.  This was only implemented because they have had fraud with Paypal, and now they have decided to try it out again after users been asking for it.  Such a nice gesture, isn’t it?

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