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Hello, and welcome to FreeMoneyOffersOnline.com!  This is a new website I have created to discuss ways to make money online.  I have a sister site that does the same thing, Franksite1.com.  However, with FreeMoneyOffersOnline.com, I tend to talk about a popular website called Cashpirate to show how you can easily make money with it if you choose to do so.  Occasionally I will discuss other ways to make money online, and other topics as well so we don’t get bored just talking about the same old thing.

After all, when you come to read a blog, you want it to be exciting, don’t you think?  I know I do.  That’s why in time I will update this blog, add categories to it, and make it better then my first blog, Franksite1.com.  Don’t worry, the programs I discuss on my blogs are NOT scams, or will they ever be.  If a site I discuss does become a scam, I will remove them as soon as I can.  If I am going to refer people, I want to make sure the site is trustworthy enough and enjoyable enough just to see it’s worth making money on the Internet.

I have had three years of experience making money online so I know that it is possible and that I will do my best to ensure everyone as a great time making money themselves  and that they will see it is very possible to do and requires little time and effort to do!

And, of course, the sites I will discuss will be 100% free to use, because that was how I wanted it when I first started.  I’m assuming those who will read my blog will not want to spend money to make it, and while this can be a very legit way to make money online also, why do it if you can make it for free?  When I started I only had a part-time job and wanted to find extra ways to earn money.  And yes, I searched for a second job but instead I got hired into another company (which I didn’t stay long), but now I do have two jobs and it’s been great.  So, what I would like to say for those who are reading this and want to make money online, don’t look as this as your only means of income.  Online income is known as passive income, and can be earned differently then say, an hourly job or a job with a salary.

However, if you don’t have a job or are in search of one but need money right away, then I would suggest trying to make money online.  It’s a lot of fun and many people will think that it is impossible to do but I tell you it’s not.  All you have to do is find the right programs that will pay you and you are good to go!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my introductory post and from now on I intend to discuss further on how to make money online.  Any questions just post a reply and I will answer my best

Have a good day!

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